The Community Garden

Growing Food Close to Home

The Community Garden at Sheppard Family Park gives High Riverites a chance to feed themselves the old fashioned way - by growing their own food.

There are 28 20 by 20 foot garden plots on the site. Gardeners rent the plots annually. Sorry, the garden plots are all booked for 2011 and there is an extensive waiting list.

The Community Garden

Every Spring in Alberta comes at a different time and as we always till the ground and mark the plots in the Spring for the upcoming season, you have to wait to plant till everything is ready to go. We will let you know when we're ready. Only then will gardeners be given the go ahead and the usual mad dash of planting crops begins.

Some of our gardeners are beginners, some have a ton of experience. It would be great to share the knowledge. Go to the Gardening Tips page to either share some of your good ideas or to ask a question if you have a problem. We'll post the tips and questions as we get them.

In this area the growing season is short and the weather unpredictable. Most people grow some root crops - beets, carrots and potatoes. These can generally survive our wacky springs.

The Potato Harvest

In 2009 we planted beans in late May but the snow in early June wiped them out. It also wiped out our neighbors tomatoes. We live in hope.

The Garden Rules

The Garden Group has tried hard not to regulate too much of the gardening experience but here are some "rules"we must ask you to follow.

  • Please do not use or limit the use of pesticides. Many gardeners in the group are trying to grow organically.
  • All dogs in the park must be kept on a leash and please clean up their poop!
  • Water carefully and conserve your usage. Respect the Town of High River's watering restrictions when posted.
  • Please use the barrels marked 'weeds' for weeds and the barrels marked 'composting' for compost materials only.
    The Root Cellar

  • If you have rented space in the root cellar a specific area will be assigned to you.
  • At the beginning of each garden season you will be given the name of the contact person should you have any questions.
  • Please don't plant sunflowers or flowers that self sow.
  • Keep your garden weeded. We reserve the right to weed your garden if necessary.
  • Clear out your garden in the fall.

All gardeners are asked to volunteer in areas of the park. The garden fees are nominal so to be fair help out elsewhere.