Pioneer Elementary School
Little Bow Schoolhouse

Little Bow Schoolhouse

Little Bow Schoolhouse offers a pioneer elementary school experience.

Little Bow Schoolhouse Program

The Little Bow Schoolhouse provides a rare opportunity for teachers to experience teaching, and for students to experience learning, in a 100+ year-old one room schoolhouse.

The school is fully furnished and can accommodate up to 28 students. Desks are of various sizes. The large schoolyard invites old fashioned games. Some classes have come in period costumes, brought period lunches, and have really got into the spirit of that era.

Bookings may include tours of the Maccoy house which is furnished in circa 1925 style. The original log cabin section of the house was built in 1883.

The schoolhouse is open for bookings from May through June and September through October. The fee is $50.00 per class per day.

For further information and/or bookings please contact
Rosemary at (403) 652-7449 or

Little Bow School Facts

  • Built in 1903 and opened in 1904
  • Donated and moved to Sheppard Family Park in 1999
  • Originally located approximately 7 miles SE of High River
  • 25 teachers taught at Little Bow over the years
  • One teacher taught all grades from 1-9
  • It was often closed during harvest or cold weather
  • Sometimes the school had many students and sometimes very few
  • During the war years school was often closed due to lack of teachers
  • The school closed in June 1939
  • Continued to be used as a community center until late 1960’s. History written "Sunshine Tales" available at Sheppard Family Park office 403-652-1128.
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